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Subway Sandwich Beatbox Battle

Just a grown man doing grown man things.

Beatbox Harmonica in NYC

Directed by Fred Guerrier; representing Tenet clothing line by Steve Kopps.

Beatbox Harmonica to the People

Directed by Marty Nowak; song engineered by Stephen Shirk. Thanks to the city and people of Chicago for being in this video.

 Beatbox Harmonica - Baltimore

Yuri Lane takes the beatbox harmonica to the streets of Baltimore.

 New Harmonica Blues

Yuri plays around with some Harmonica beats on the live loop.

 Big Sexy Show

Yuri Lane performs in the Big Sexy Show in Chicago, a burlesque/variety show.

 Harmonica + Beatbox

Yuri Lane performs beatbox harmonica in this short video directed by Marty Nowak.


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