From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beatbox Journey
Starring Yuri Lane
Live Visuals by Sharif Ezzat
Written and directed by Rachel Havrelock
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Human Beatbox and Vocal Magician Yuri Lane presents "From Tel Aviv to Ramallah", a hip-hop travelogue of peace. "From Tel Aviv to Ramallah" is Lane's part hip-hop performance part street-wise documentary. Lane weaves a vox-pop tapestry of Palestinian and Israeli voices into a mosaic of the Middle East. Against a backdrop of muezzin calls and Tel Aviv traffic, the lives of Khalid and Amir progress with a hip-hop beat and intersect at a West Bank checkpoint.

In 1999, Yuri Lane traveled from Tel Aviv to Ramallah by bus, taxi and foot to visit friends on both sides of the Green Line. On his return from Ramallah, Yuri was caught in a riot that foreshadowed the current Intifada. He also discovered the cultural divide between Israelis and Palestinians as well as the numerous commonalities of the two cultures.

Yuri brings the experience of his travels through Israel and Palestine to the stage in his new beatbox play, "From Tel Aviv to Ramallah". The show telescopes the lives of Amir, a Tel Aviv dj and delivery boy, and Khalid, a Palestinian internet cafˇ owner. The show shuttles back and forth between a day in the life of Amir and Khalid and portrays the urban youth cultures of Israel and Palestine. As audiences visit a Tel Aviv rave, a Ramallah internet cafˇ and the bustling marketplaces of both cities, they see the struggle and the humor of life in the midst of conflict.

"From Tel Aviv to Ramallah" presents the parallel stories of Israelis and Palestinians and presents a vision of peace. Yuri Lane brings the Middle East to life through the hip-hop medium of beatbox combined with acting and dance. Sharif Ezzat accompanies Yuri with live video projections. The vision of Jewish-Arab coexistence is realized in the artistic team of Yuri and Sharif, a Jew and a Muslim who combine forces again after the success of their beatbox play "Soundtrack City" in San Francisco and New York.

Soundtrack City: Chicago
Starring Yuri Lane
Written and directed by Rachel Havrelock

Yuri brings his musical magic and physical dexterity to Soundtrack City, a hip-hop journey through the neighborhoods of Chicago. The characters in Soundtrack City Chicago span from Tiffany, a slam-poet improv actress living in Ukrainian Village, to Leopold, a street harmonica player on the verge of being driven from his home in the projects to a distant suburb.

All of the characters in Soundtrack City are connected through property. At the center of the play is the battle between two developers, Peter Petrovsky and Roman Castillo. The other characters find themselves in the satellite of one developer or the other through the building, buying, selling and renting of property. Soundtrack City offers a lens into the daily lives of an array of urban inhabitants.

Yuri Lane generates a distinct soundtrack for each character through the art of human beatbox. Each beat represents a different community and shows how various beats clash and are harmonized in the urban environment. The performance philosophy is hip-hop, spinning something new out of recycled pieces of culture. This day in the life of the city is a wild ride. The city is built of sound and the journey is an acoustic adventure.